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Managing Newzie

All information inside Newzie is kept inside eight different types of items, as listed below along with their short descriptions.


Feeds are the main source of retrieved content. Newzie checks subscribed feeds periodically. When new content is available, it retrieves that new content and notifies you.

Virtual channels are artificial channels. They gather their content from existing subscribed channels via filters that you set.

Bulk channels allow you to treat multiple feeds as one feed. Instead of subscribing to feeds one by one, you can add the address of each feed into a bulk channel and combine them into one feed.

Word watchdog checks newly retrieved posts for watched word and notifies you. Unlike virtual channels, they keep caught posts till you exit Newzie.

You can monitor webpages for updates and each monitored webpage inside Newzie is represented with an item called 'Webpage'


Folders, also called bins, are the building blocks of folder hierarchy which subscriptions are kept inside. They can also keep retrieved posts inside for archive purposes.

Special type of bins where Newzie keeps special posts. Such as Trashbin holds deleted posts, while 'My Favorites' bin keeps all flagged posts in the system so that you can reach them fast.


Each published item in one feed is called post. You can think of posts as emails or articles in newspaper.

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Virtual Channels
Bulk Channels
Word Watchdogs
Build-in Bins
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