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Newzie User Interface

NewsBar is transformed form of the main screen and floats on top of all windows on the screen so that you can move it to anywhere and see it fully without any overlap with other visible windows at the time. Like popup notifier, NewsBar enables you to read new posts as soon as they are retrieved.

Inside the NewsBar, posts from each subscription are grouped together and slide one after another as shown in the screenshot above. When you move your mouse over the NewsBar, it stops sliding and enables you to perform actions on shown posts.

To give an example, when you move your mouse cursor over the title of any shown post for a second, a small window pops up and lets you read the content of that focused post.

As mentioned above, posts from each subscription are shown in groups. Title of each group tells you from which subscription they are retrieved. At the right handside of the title, a number indicates how many new posts will be shown in that group. Again, located at the right of that number, two buttons are used to mark all posts in that group as read and delete them, respectively.

Clicks on NewsBar

Inside the NewsBar, based on where you click, different actions can be initiated. Here is the list of those actions.

  1. Clicking the title of any shown post opens up its associated webpage in your defaul browser.
  2. Making a right click on any post opens its context menu.
  3. If you click the title of any post group, context menu for that source pops up. 
  4. When you make a right click on any empty place other than titles, context menu of the NewsBar pops up as shown in the sample screenshot below.


To learn more about how to use Newsbar, check out the following help topics.

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