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Newzie User Interface
Main Screen
Subscriptions Panel

ListView lists your subscriptions and containers one after another.  Items in the listview are ordered based on the selected order type, which is one of the advantages of the listview over the treeview. By default, items are ordered based on how recently they are updated, starting from the most recently updated one.

Apart from the default, you can also order them alphabetically or based on their assigned priority levels

It should be noted that while treeview helps you see subscriptions in groups, listview enables you to see them in desired order.

Unlike treeview, listview uses color coding in order to help you distinguish items based on selected order type. For example, in case of ordering subscriptions based on update recency, items which were updated within the last 10 minutes are shown in color 'red', while color 'blue' represents items updated more than a month ago. To learn more about color codes, check the corresponding help topic.

Group (Interval) Captions in the ListView

Since there are twenty levels of color coding, this means that coloring groups items. For example, items updated within the last 10 minutes creates one group, which is shown in red, while items updated between 10 to 30 minutes creates another group.

In order to see those groups, listview provides a caption to be shown at the begining of each group, as can be seen at the sample screenshot above. By default, these captions are visible, however, if you like, you can hide them.


To learn more about listview and related concepts, check the help topics listed below.

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