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Filtering in the context of Newzie
News Slideshow

News Slideshow is a one of the unique features of Newzie, which is a reading technique that is based on well-known slideshown concept. It is used to read unread posts. Slideshow compiles those unread posts into slides by using filter that you set. That filter checks all subscriptions and collect those posts matched with that filter criteria. Posts from one subscription is listed in one slide.

In order to set that filter, you have to open News Slideshow dialog shown below, by clicking 'News SlideShow' button located at the top of the main screen in the Functions Panel.

Setting Time Range for SlideShow

As can be seen from the screenshot above, filter of News Slideshow is based on publication or received date of posts. You can define a time range and read those unread posts posted or received within that time range. Or you can simple select to read only newly retrieved ones or all unread posts.

When you click 'Compile SlideShow' button, it starts to run the filter on all subscriptions and gather matched posts. You can also see the progress of that compilation, while running. When it finishes, either it tells that there is no matched unread post found, or opens up a new tabbed window in the Tabs Panel and enables you to navigate inside compiled slides.

Navigation inside the SlideShow

Tabbed-window which shows compiled slideshow has a quite different layout than any other tabbed window since it is specially designed to make you read posts in those slides as quick as possible and give information/statistics about that slideshow, such as how many posts will be shown and how many of them are read so far.

In order to make you pass slides quickly, a special panel shown above is designed. Other than traditional 'Back' and 'Forward' buttons at the left and right handsides, the center button let you mark listed posts as read and go to the next slide at one click.

Additional Notes
  • Keep in mind that Newzie lists limited amount of posts in one page. Hence when matched posts from one subscription exceeds that limit, they are shown page-by-page. In that case, if you click 'Mark all as read & go to next slide', that action marks all matched posts as read, rather than only listed posts in shown slide.
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