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Filtering in the context of Newzie
Post Sweeper

Post Sweeper is used to delete unwanted posts in the system based on their publication date and read status. By using shown panel below, you set the filter of the sweeper and then let it delete those posts matched with that filter.

In order to open the Post Sweeper dialog, which is shown below, just click 'Post Sweeper' button located at the top of the main screen in the Functions panel. Then follow the instructions given below.

Time Range to Sweep

Since post sweeper is specially designed to delete posts based on their publication date, it provides various ways of defining that time range. As shown in the screenshot above, you can select not to define any time range to sweep, which results in deleting all posts without considering when they were posted. Or you can make it delete posts if they were posted earlier than given time range, such as earlier than 2 days ago.

If you like to define more specific time range, then you can select the third option shown above and click 'Set Time Range' button in order to set that range thru shown dialog below.

Where to Sweep

By default, when sweeper runs, it checks all your subscriptions and containers for posts to be swept. However, you can also customize that sweeping space by selecting certain subscriptions and containers out of all by checking the checkbox entitled 'Run sweeper in selected subscriptions and containers' and click 'Select' button to select them thru popped up window.

More Sweeper Settings

Other than specifying time range to delete, there are couple of more settings to tune the filter of sweeper. One of them is that you can make sweeper delete only read posts, but not unread ones. Clicking 'More Sweeper Settings' button opens up another window where you tune the filter for better sweeping.

Sweeping Status Panel

When you start sweeping by clicking 'Sweep' button shown at the top, a small status panel emerges at the bottom right corner of the main screen, as shown in the screenshot below. This panel shows progress of sweeping and a button to cancel sweeping.



Additional Notes
  • Keep in mind that in sweeping process, posts are deleted at the end of the sweep. That is, Newzie first collects posts and then deletes them. Hence, you can still save your posts if you are able to cancel during sweeping process.
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