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Priority Levels

As you group your subscriptions into categories based on their published content, you can also categorize same subscriptions based on their importance, thanks to the feature Newzie supports, called priority levels.

Priority level is the number between 1 and 100 that you assign to any subscription in the system. High numbers represent high importance.

Importance-based Grouping

Assume that you like to read news about politics, science, and technology. Based on these three subjects, you can categorize your subscriptions into three groups. However when somebody asks you to order them based on importance, first three of the ordered list may come from each of three groups. Evidently, grouping based on published content can be different than grouping based on importance

Even though priority level can be seen as an ordering factor rather than categorization mechanizm, items assigned with the same priority level forms one group.

Where to use Priority Levels

Priority levels can be used in couple of places inside the Newzie. Following lists them.

Based on assigned priority levels of subscriptions, you can make NewsBar show only posts from certain subscriptions that have assigned priority level equal or higher than given value in the preferences.

ListView in the Subscriptions Panel lists all subscriptions one after another. Even though by default items are ordered based on how recently they were updated, they can also be ordered based on priority levels you assigned to them.

News Slideshow is a reading technique which is based on well-known slideshow concept. Each slide in the slideshow lists unread posts from one subscription. Slides of the slideshow is ordered based on assigned priority level of their associated subscriptions.

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