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Managing Newzie
Feeds / Channels
How to add a new channel of which you know web address

In order to subscribe to a feed, first you have to know where that feed is located on the Internet, that is, its internet address. For example, feed for Newzie is located at

When you know that address, you can easily add it by following given steps below:

  • Click 'Add' button located at the top of the main frame
  • Select 'New Feed' from dropdown menu, which opens up a wizard dialog
  • Enter the internet address of that feed into the edit field
  • Click 'Finish' button to finish the process; otherwise click 'Cancel' button

When you click 'Finish' button, that new feed is added to your folder hierarchy from where you can reach that feed and then Newzie starts to make its first synchronization in order to retrieve all available posts in that feed at that moment.


Keep in mind that there are other ways of subscribing to a channel via Newzie. To learn more on them, check following help topics.

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