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How to move subscriptions and containers in tree hierarchy

There are two ways you can use to move any subscription or bin from one place into another in the folder hierarchy.

WAY 1:

  • Open context menu of that subscription or bin
  • Select 'Move ...' menu option which opens up a dialog
  • In that dialog, from given existing folder hierarchy, select the bin under which you like to move that selected subscription or bin.
  • Click 'OK' button to perform the move; otherwise click 'Cancel' button

WAY 2:

You can simply drag-and-drop selected subscription or bin in the folder hierarchy. To do so:

  • Select the subscription or bin you like to move without releasing your finger from the mouse
  • Move your mouse to desired location in the folder hierarchy
  • When mouse is over the bin under which you like to move that selected item, release the mouse button.
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