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How to mark post as read or unread

Marking one post as read or unread lets you track whether you read that post in the past. To mark specific post as read or unread, follow the steps given below.

  • Open context menu of that specific post
  • Based on its current state:
    • If post haven't been marked as read yet, select 'Mark as Read' menu option
    • If post was marked as read, select 'Mark as Unread' menu option

Read status of one post is represented with different visualization in different cases. When post is given in conventional listing view, if it hasn't been marked as read yet, its title is given in bold. When post is listed in HTML-based reporting, if it was marked as read, (  ) icon is used to represent that state.

HTML-based reporting also presents its own way of marking a post as read or unread, which is as follows:

  • Move your mouse over one post, which enables you to see function buttons for that post as shown in the screenshot above.
  • Based on the current read state of that focused post
    • If it is unread, click (  ) icon to mark that post as read
    • If it is read, click (  ) icon to mark that post as unread
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