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Managing Newzie
How to flag one post

Sometimes you can encounter posts which you like to keep in special place so that you can reach them next time you need them. Newzie enables you mark those posts with a special flag and allows you to reach those flagged posts via special built-in bin called 'My Favorites.'

In order to flag one post, follow the steps given below:

  • Open context menu of that post
  • Based on its current state:
    • If post has not been flagged, select 'Flag it' menu option
    • If post was flagged already, select 'Remove flag' menu option

When post is flagged, a pointer to that post is kept inside 'My Favorites' bin to let you reach all your flagged posts from one place. When you remove that flag, that pointer is also automatically removed from 'My Favorites' bin.

Additional Notes
  • Note that pointers to all flagged posts are kept inside 'My Favorites' bin. Even though we call them pointers, they act and look like actual posts in any way. Hence, when you delete or mark a post as read listed in 'My Favorites' bin, its actual copy of that post receives that applied action.
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