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Customizing Newzie
Keyboard Shortcuts
General Keyboard Shortcuts

As its name implies, general keyboard shortcuts are the ones corresponding to most used general actions. Those actions include:

  • Opening Preferences Dialog - By default CTRL+P.
  • Opening wizard to add new feed - By default CTRL+N
  • Opening wizard to add new feed(s) via OPML - By default CTRL+O
  • Openning Home
  • Launching News Slideshow
  • Launching Post Sweeper
  • Restoring Newzie (Hotkey) - By default ALT+CTRL+R

These shortcuts are listed under 'General Shortcuts' caption inside 'Keyboard' tab of Preferences. In order to set key combination for each shortcut, check out 'How to set keyboard shortcuts' help topic.

Additional Notes
  • Hotkeys are special type of keyboard shortcuts. Unlike other ordinary keybard shortcuts, hotkeys does not require Newzie to be focused application at that moment. In other words, even while using other applications, when you use any hotkey, Newzie automatically responds to that action.
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