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Customizing Newzie
Keyboard Shortcuts
Connection-related Keyboard Shortcuts

All network connection related activities can be initated or paused by using associated keyboard shortcuts. Following lists provided synchronization related shortcuts along with short descriptions.

  • Synchronize all feeds - By default CTRL+S

By using this key combination you can initiate synchronization process for each subscribed feed at the moment.

  • Suspend Auto-Synchronization

By default, Newzie checks every subscribed feed periodically. If you like, by using this keyboard shortcut you can suspend it till reactivate it again.

  • Activate Auto-Synchronization

Suspended auto-synchronization can be reactivated by using this keyboard shortcut.

These shortcuts are listed under 'Connection Shortcuts' caption inside 'Keyboard' tab of Preferences. In order to customize these shortcuts, check out 'How to set keyboard shortcuts' help topic.

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