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Notification Settings
How to change notification sound of popup notifier

While popup notifer pops up out of your system tray, it plays pre-loaded notification sound to get your attention. If you like you can change this sound or disable it. Following shows how to do that:

  • Open Preferences Dialog
  • Select 'Notification' tab
  • Based on your preferences:
    • If you like to disable it, make sure that the checkbox named 'Play following notification sound file while poping up' unchecked.
    • If you like to change the sound file, check that mentioned checkbox and browse and give the location of that file via 'Browse' button.
    • To test whether it plays, you can use 'Test' button
  • Click 'Apply' button to apply this change; otherwise click 'Cancel' button to cancel the change

To learn more about the popup notifier, check out related help topic.

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