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Customizing Newzie
NewsBar Settings
How to set how many times each post should be shown inside NewsBar (loop count)

By default each shown post in the NewsBar is shown once. Based on your preferences, you can change this. You can even make Newzie loop all posts infinite times until you remove them manually.

To change this, follow the steps given below:

  • Open Preferences Dialog
  • Inside embedded tabs, switch to 'NewsBar' tab
  • At the bottom of the tab, you will see the checkbox named 'Loop posts at most X times if they are not marked as read or deleted'. Based on your needs:
    • If you like Newzie to loop posts till you remove them manually, that is infinite looping, make sure that that checkbox is unchecked.
    • If you like Newzie to show those posts at most finite number of times, then check the box and enter that number
  • Click 'Apply' button to apply changes; otherwise click 'Cancel' button to cancel the changes.


Keep in mind that when post is marked as read or deleted, it's removed from the NewsBar automatically so that you don't deal with it next time.

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