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Customizing Newzie
NewsBar Settings
How to filter shown content of the NewsBar

Newzie provides three types of content filtering settings for NewsBar. Those are

  • From which sources posts can be shown.
  • At most how many posts can be shown from each source
  • Time-based filtering

To customize this filtering, follow the steps given below:

  • Open Preferences Dialog
  • Inside embedded tabs, switch to 'NewsBar' tab
  • Then based on your needs, go thru following steps
  • Selecting Sources

By default, Newzie shows posts from all subscriptions, which are called sources in the context of NewsBar. There are two provided ways to customize this setting.

    • Show posts from sources with assigned priority higher than [ X ]

You can make use of assigned priority levels to filter shown content of NewsBar. By selecting this option, you can make Newzie show posts from subscriptions of which assigned priority level is higher than given value.

    • Show posts from selected sources only

If you like to select certain subscriptions out of all, you can select this option and then click 'Select Sources' button to select those special subscriptions.

  • Show at Most [ X ] Posts from Each Source

When NewsBar shows too many posts from one source, it may take too much time till seeing posts from other sources. To eliminate such cases, you may like to limit number of posts to be shown from one source.

To customize this setting, check the corresponding checkbox and set the number.

  • Do not Show Posts Published Earlier than [ X ]

When NewsBar shows posts from newly subscribed source, there might be posts that published in way past which you may not like to read them. Or, as another example, when you don't use Newzie so offen, those old posts from subscriptions can pile up to be read. To eliminate such cases, you can make Newzie not show posts published earilier than given time range.

To customize this setting, check the corresponding chexkbox and set the time range, such as 2 days.

  • After customizing NewsBar setting, click 'Apply' button to apply changes; otherwise click 'Cancel' button to cancell all changes.


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