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Newzie User Interface
Popup Notifier
How to put Popup Notifier into sleep mode

Popup notifier provides one neat feature, which is called 'Sleep Mode.' That is, if you don't want notifier to pop up for a while, you can put it into sleep mode. Notifier get out of the sleep mode when you re-minimize Newzie.

For example, you put it into sleep mode. Then after couple of minutes, you restore Newzie and read something. When you minimize it again, it gets out of sleep mode and becomes ready to popup up when new posts are detected.

If you like to put notifier into sleep mode, just click (  ) icon shown at the screenshot below.


Forced Sleep Mode

If you don't like notifier to automatically get out of its sleep mode, you can force it so that you can set that manually. Here is how-to:

  • When Newzie is minimized into the system tray, make a right click on 'Newzie Icon' shown at the top.
  • Context menu pops up; select 'Put into Sleep Mode(Forced)' menu option

If you like to get out of forced sleep mode, repeat the same steps given above.

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