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Newzie User Interface
Main Screen
Subscriptions Panel

You can reach all your subscriptions thru 'Subcriptions Panel'. This panel consists of two subpanels; toolbar at the top and content panel under that toolbar.


Toolbar provides functions that are used on shown items in the subscriptions panel. Inside the toolbar, there are three buttons and one edit field. While two buttons at the left determine in which mode content panel should show items, that is, either in list or tree view, third button at the right provides more functions thru a popup menu.

Other than those buttons, edit field provides a very unique and neat functionality. By entering filtering command into that field, you can filter shown items in the content panel.

To give an example, by default, content panel shows all subscriptions and containers. However, by entering one command, you can make it show only monitored webpages and filter out others. To learn more about how it works, check the corresponding help topic.

Content Panel

As mentioned above, content panel is located under the toolbar and shows all subscriptions and containers kept inside the system.


Based on selected visualization mode, it can show those items in either list or tree view. This helps you reach those items from different ways and save time based on the way you like to reach one specific item.

Commands on Shown Items in the Subscriptions Panel

Recall that you can filter shown items in the content panel. In order to make it more functional, subscriptions panel gives you a set of commands to be applied only on shown items at the moment. For example, after making it show only webpages, you can synchronize them, that is, only the webpages but not the others. Check corresponding help topic to learn more about these commands and how to reach them.


To learn more about the subscriptions panel, check the help topics listed below.

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