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Newzie User Interface
Main Screen
Functions Panel

Functions Panel puts most used functions of Newzie at one click away. Based on the type of those functions, this panel is divided into three subregions as described shortly below.

(1) Standard Window Buttons

Located at the top-right corner of the functions panel, these buttons give you the standard window-related functions, such as minimizing and maximizing the Newzie. Along with them, Newzie provides one extra button which is used to switch to the NewsBar mode. That is, clicking that button transforms main screen into a slim bar, which is called the NewsBar.

(2) Search Bar

Search bar is located at the left handside of the standard window buttons. You can use it to search retrieved content stored inside Newzie at that moment. Just type your search query and press 'RETURN' key. Or you can click (  ) icon and use 'Search Dialog' to tune your search.

(3) ToolsBar

This subregion of the functions panel holds buttons for most frequently used functions you may need while using Newzie. Starting from the left to right, here is the list of buttons located inside the toolsbar.

  • Synchronize

Used to initiate synchronization action for all subscriptions at once.

  • Add

Used to add various types of items into the system. Those are feeds, virtual channels, bulk channels, word watchdogs, webpages, and bins, as well as adding feeds from OPML file.

  • Home

Home is the starting point to see newly retrieved posts and navigate inside already retrieved content. Clicking this button opens up the 'Home' page in tabbed window placed inside the 'Tabs Panel.'

News Slideshow is a unique reading technique presented by Newzie to read retrieved content. Clicking this button launches theNews Slideshow.

Post sweeper enables you to delete unnecessary posts easily and quickly. Clicking this button launches that sweeper.

  • Preferences

You can customize the functions provided by the Newzie by using the switches located inside the Preferences Dialog. This button is used to open that dialog.

  • More

All other functions are listed inside the popup menu which can be reached by clicking 'More' button located at the right handside of the 'Functions' panel.

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