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Filtering in the context of Newzie
On-Fly Subscriptions Filtering

Like any other application, Newzie lists all your subscriptions in one panel, which is called the 'Subscriptions' panel. However unlike any other application, this panel allows you to filter shown items. In other words, you can see a subset of all your subscriptions, rather than all.

In order to filter shown content, you need to enter a valid filtering command into the edit field located inside the toolbar of that panel. Then all subscriptions are checked against that given filter and only the ones that are matched with that filter are shown.

This type of filtering uses various features of subscriptions as a filtering factor. Following lists those factors:

  • Type of the subscription 
  • Title of the subscription (Default)
  • Last updated date of the subscription
  • Assigned priority level of the subscription
  • Under which folder it is located

To give an example, when you enter 'type:webpage' command, only the webpages are shown in the panel, others are filtered out. In order to reset filtering, just enter empty command. Then all subscriptions are listed again.

Format of Filtering Command

Filtering command consists of two parts, separated by a separator, which can be a colon (':'), equal sign ('='), greater-than sign ('>'), less-than sign ('<'), greater-than-or-equal-to sign ('>='), or less-than-or-equal-to sign ('<=') based on the command. While the first part is the name of the command, the second part is the parameter of that command.

In the case of given filtering command above, the name of the command is 'type' and its parameter is 'webpage'.

Since the default command among listed four above is 'filtering based on the title', when you enter a command without any separator, then it is considered as a parameter of that default command. To give an example, they you type 'tech' alone as a filtering command, it is interpreted as 'title:tech' and only those items that have substring 'tech' in their titles are allowed to be listed.


To learn more about supported commands and how to construct filtering commands, check following help topics listed below.

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